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natasha martinov

bezalel academy

We are Danil & Eylon, two VC students at Bezalel Art Academy, who are just trying to save the world.
As a "young adult", who moved 3 years ago to a new city, who don't live with the family no more and hold a house by my own, I found myself trying to figure out how can I be environmental friendly.
At the first time I went to throw away the trash, I suddenly realized that there are no regular trash cans (not to mention recycling stations) on my street, because it is a main and very touristy street in Jerusalem and there is a constant fear of placing an explosive device in the trash cans, and I had to explore the city, where and how can I recycle my waste.
Ecolus helps you to live an eco-friendly life.
Find nearby recycling stations and explore events and workshops that teach you how to reduce your carbon footprint.


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